IBM Security Verify

Resource unit calculator

IBM Security Verify only charges for actual usage, so you can add/remove users or even product use cases within Verify at your own pace. Verify pricing uses resource units as a metric to quantify an organization’s dynamic usage between user populations and product use cases. You can estimate your Resource Unit needs below by estimating the size of your workforce and consumer populations, average number of logins per year, and product use cases for each population.

Workforce population

Employees, contractors, students, faculty

Choose the use cases for this user population

Consumer population

Customers, citizens, patients, members

Choose the use cases for this user population
Disclaimer: This tool is for your convenience to estimate the number of resource units needed for IBM Security Verify. Errors in the tool are unintentional and will be corrected immediately upon being brought to IBM’s attention. Should any such errors occur, this does not relieve customers from their responsibility to obtain subscriptions or licenses for, and to be in compliance with, the required level of authorize use for each program or service. The actual numbers use in a proposal, quote, or order must be determined by using the announcement and program specific license information or service description document.